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In modern times European (French)made the first steps


Wine in Israel is an ancient product.

Wine is part of the Israeli culture from the time of our forefathers who lived here.

On the glorious history of wine, from the growth of grapes, wine preparation and wine consumption can be learned from the Bible and history books.

Today wine is part of an advanced Israeli culture based on the distant past and advanced with science and technology.

Four main parts of wine culture: 

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  1. Consumption - daily drinking, meals, in religious traditions. With the culture of consumption comes the culture of sharing in various social channels, learning and knowing the taste and evaluation of wine, matching the wine to food and more.

  2. Production of the wine - small wineries as large, from the simplest production until the climax of technological advances in production, stabilization, conservation, aging, marketing and distribution. From the sale at the winery over the tasting stand, the sale of wine in a restaurant, supermarkets and marketing chains and specialty stores. Digital Internet marketing is also doing well.

  3. Growing the grapes - in the vineyard, in the backyard, in the moshav, in small plots on the mountain steps, or in large expanses from horizon to horizon.

  4. Science and technology - the development of new varieties, new cultivation methods and new production technologies. With the development and progress of science we have now reached the existence of new varieties which are the fruit of research and development of many years. These new varieties are intellectual property (patent, registered in breeders' rights), and their distribution is limited to those who have the license to grow and prepare wine.

Photo by: Amir Sarig

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