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New Horizons for Wine Grapes In Israel

Our New Varieties Are Here

Strieminetica Grapevine Technologies Ltd. acts to enrich and diversify the Israeli wine-grape variety collection by importing and acclimating new hybrid varieties. 

Strieminetica offers to its customers to license the rights to grow and produce wine of unique wine grape varieties.

The new varieties bring extra ordinary wine quality with additional tastes and aromas, having genetic resistance to fungi and maladies.

Some of the varieties are protected by plant patents and breeders’ rights.

Photo by: Amir Sarig

New Resistant
Wine Grape Varieties

With Strieminetica you can license the best selection of wine grapes varieties.

Distinguish your business with proprietary products of top breeding programs.

Arandell cluster Briede Family.PNG

יין טרמינט שטרימינטיקה

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