Dr. Michael Striem

  • Dr. Michael Striem is active in introducing new wine grape varieties to the Israeli agriculture and wine industry since 1980.  

  • As a Kibbutz Afik member he was a regional horticultural adviser for the Jewish Agency. In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Israeli Wine Institute, test blocks were planted.

  • New varieties of wine grape were tested, and some were chosen to be used by the new Golan Winery established in Quatzrin.

  • At the Department for Fruit Tree and Grape Breeding, led by Professor Pinchas Spiegel Roy, Michael Striem was in charge on the wine grape breeding, including the development of ‘Argaman’.

  • Striem was a permanent member of the wine tasting panel of the Israeli Wine Institute in Rehovot.

  • He was also on the wine tasting panel of the ‘Wineand Gourmet’ magazine at its early stages, under the guidance of the Wine-Master Captain Michael (Mimi) Ben Joseph, together with Adv. Nachman Cohen-Tzedek and Prof. Amos Hadas.

  • In his doctoral research Michael Striem investigated the trait of seedlessness of table grapes. He was among the first to establish a laboratory for molecular markers at the Fruit Tree and Grape Breeding Department, where he developed molecular marker for the trait of seedlessness in table grapes.

  • During his Post-Doctoral period at Cornell, NY, at the renowned breeding program of Professor Bruce Reisch,  Dr. Striem was involved in the introduction of resistance genes to grapevines, using methodologies of biotechnology and genetic engineering. During this time Striem became familiar with the diversity of grape cultivars of hybrid origin, having unique genetic background and carrying traits of special flavors and resistances to maladies.

  • The desire to track the origin of the traits and to describe the complex genetic composition of the hybrids, he developed a tool which became very useful in planning new cross-combination in grape breeding work.

  • When employed by Sun World Int. LLC, California, he served as the grape breeder for 8 years. Dr. Striem managed to develop many new seedless table grapes including ‘AutumnCrisp’ which is now grown and marketed in Israel by ‘Tali grapes’.

Photo by: Amir Sarig